Coin CounterA coin counting program built in Java to sort and count coins

The task was to build a coin sorting program in Java and develop a GUI to interact with it. The currency used was Pound sterling (£) and the application enables the user to check how many coins of a certain denomination (10p,20p,50p etc) can be exchanged given an input value. It also prints the left over coins (remainder), how many coins are determined and what denominations they can exchange for.

First, the program was built that would set the currency values, minimum and maximum coins allowed, exclude specific coin denomination, validate the coin and return the count. View Code Snippet

Then, a textual menu was built with the ability to easily view options to select different methods or exit the program.
This is what it looks like in use
The Java switch function was used due to it's ability to select specific functions to run. This is how I separated out the program for ease of switching methods.
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Then the GUI was built in Swing

Other GUI windows
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